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Prisync icon A price tracking solution that helps online retailers to monitor all similar offers on the market, to analyze reports and receive notifications when changes occur in other virtual stores.

Prisync is a web-based software enabling e-commerce companies to track and monitor their competitors’ prices and stock availabilities. It helps retailers to save the time they spend on price optimization by automatically verifying thousands of products sold online, managing this way to boost their sales and improve profit margins.

You can begin the actual implementation of the app after specifying the website of your virtual store and the country of origin. Then add the products that you want to track and click on the corresponding button to provide details about their names, codes, costs, categories, and brands. Subsequently, press on “Add URL” to enter both your and competitors’ links for the same items.

The software also lets you deploy the “Batch Import” feature to insert multiple products and URLs in the list from a CSV or an Excel file.

Once it has this data, the app begins the monitorization process and displays an overview of all products, brands, and categories, along with their stock availability. It updates all the information four times a day to help you find out which of your products are cheaper and which are more expensive than competitors.

Use the “Dynamic Pricing” feature to create a rule in case you want the price of your items to be equal to the cheapest, the average or the highest figures set by other companies, for instance. You can also build more complicated formulas to apply on all products or only on particular categories.

The online software delivers daily emails and sends notifications when detects a price change in the market or a stock modification. It generates comprehensive reports divided by categories and brands, enabling you to filter the results using a minimum and a maximum value. Excel reports with different details can also reach your inbox instantly or daily.

Bottom Line

Prisync is a browser-based solution that promises to help online retailers have the best offers on the market, increase sales and boost incomes by automatically tracking their competitors’ prices. After having access to all product information, the software displays the valuable data in its dashboard, creates detailed reports and sends daily or instant notifications on any price change.

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Prisync was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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