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Penzu icon Choose this web-based app to keep a private journal, share emotions, ideas or memories, and personalize it with various covers, backgrounds, and fonts.

Penzu enables its users to write a private and customizable online journal inside a feature-rich environment, designed to concentrate on security. The web-based app supports an additional password and provides a wide range of tools, perfect to stimulate them to focus on the ideas they need to preserve.

After selecting a cover, an entry font, a background, and a pad style, the application displays a very friendly and pleasant interface where it invites you to reveal the reasons that make you want to write a journal. These lines aim to help you find the motivation to keep writing in the future in case you ever forget why you started.

The central area of the window mimics the appearance of a white sheet of paper and contains three different sections. The first one includes the title, lets you save the entry and points out the last saving action. It is followed by the middle segment, which has the purpose of indicating the date of creation along with the number of words in the document, while the third one sustains to the actual writing process.

The second field also holds a series of useful options, such as adding tags, inserting images and formatting the text. Press on the lightbulb icon to select a quote from a list of various categories or to exhibit a question at the beginning of a journal entry. Moreover, you can click on the hourglass symbol to send a particular entry to yourself once, monthly or yearly. Open the “Zen Mode” if you want to write with less distracting elements around, then share, print or download the entire journal as a PDF file.

The website offers a comprehensive set of online resources about how to write a journal or a diary, the benefits of journaling, types of journals and diaries, examples, templates and prompts.

Bottom Line

Penzu is a browser-based solution that provides all the useful tools you need to start writing a private journal. Whether you want to confess daily activities and emotions, share travel memories or keep track of personal milestones, the app supports you to preserve the most significant ideas, send entries to yourself at a particular interval and share them with friends.

Included in the free version

  • Everything you need to start your free, private online journal or diary, including mobile apps for iOS and Android!

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Penzu was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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