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Dynalist icon Create to-do lists using this uncomplicated but featureful online solution, group things together and make sure you do not forget anything significant.

Dynalist is a browser-based app for outlining your ideas, organizing them most efficiently with dates, numbers, tags or different colors, tracking and accomplishing them. Design tasks and divide them into smaller actions, build checklists, insert notes to offer additional information, and bookmark specific documents or elements.

The online software has a very straightforward interface that lets users close all panes, show tools only when they need them and focus on items of foremost importance. It provides a getting started guide where it presents the essential features and teaches users how to build and manage nested lists.

After reading the tips, click on the “+” icon integrated into the left sidebar to create a new document. Enter a relevant name, then start adding your ideas and break down tasks into smaller, easier to meet actions. Use the “Tab” button to move items a level deeper in the list or press “Shift + Tab” to return to the previous position.

The app shows a magnifier icon when placing the mouse’s cursor above an element to help you see what is relevant at a particular moment. It also displays a menu that contains other options besides the zoom in function, along with their keyboard shortcuts.

You can rearrange articles by dragging the bullets, use the mouse to select multiple rows and convert a series of entries into a checklist or a numbered list by choosing the corresponding alternative in the menu.

Give items different weights with three levels of headings, pick up another color label for each section to generate contrast and deploy the formatting options to make the text bold, italic or underlined.

To create an efficient and well-organized list, use the “!” trigger to open the calendar and select dates, add tags with “@” or “#” and insert links to other elements by typing “[[”.

Bottom Line

Dynalist wants to help you get things done inside a very clean interface that can collapse all its panes and display the available features only on request. Build tasks and include them into checklists or numbered lists, add dates, tags or links, insert notes, take advantage of the formatting options and use different colors to highlight what is most important.

Included in the free version

  • Unlimited items & documents
  • Move item
  • Internal linking
  • Markdown formatting
  • Dates
  • Tags
  • Checklist
  • Sharing & collaboration
  • Export & import

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Dynalist was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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