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Babbel icon Use this online app offering a wide range of grammar, vocabulary and conversation lessons, in a user-friendly interface, to study new languages.

Babbel is a web-based solution that provides the tools you need to start having fluent conversations in multiple foreign languages, enrich the vocabulary and improve speaking skills. It includes an extensive set of lessons, with thousands of words and useful sentences, from domains like business, communication, travel, culture, and much more.

When setting up the account, the app invites you to select the display language and specify the idiom you want to learn with its help. Afterward, it opens the dashboard and presents its primary features there, inside a straightforward interface.

Proceed with the beginner’s course and receive a step by step guidance through pronunciation, grammar, and expressions. Discover this way how to make yourself understood in various circumstances, such as meeting new people and introducing yourself.

You can go through lessons using the speech recognition function, that requires a microphone, or without it. The platform offers a diversified range of exercises, and some of them ask you to listen and repeat words and phrases commonly used in the chosen foreign language. It displays four different images with the terms written below, and you have to pick up the correct one.

Select the right translations, complete a dialogue, organize certain letters to form words, complete some sentences with the missing words and put a list of terms in the appropriate order to build a phrase.

The online software also integrates a vocabulary feature that keeps track of what you are learning and points out when to review particular items.

Bottom Line

Babbel is a browser-based app that aims to help you learn foreign languages as a hobby, for a mental workout, for traveling, moving abroad or any other motivation. It guides you through words, sentences, grammar and pronunciation step by step, using a comprehensive collection of courses and lessons.

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Babbel was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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