The new firmware adds RT-AX88U support based on GPL 384.4736

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ASUS RT-AC88X Wireless Router
   ASUS RT-AC88X Wireless Router

AsusWrt-Merlin has made available a new firmware developed for several of ASUS’ router models, namely version 384.8.0, which adds support for the RT-AX88U router, resolves a few OpenVPN-related issues, and updates CA bundle to October 17th 2018.

In addition to that, the current release also updates dnsmasq (2.80-7-g24b8760), nettle (3.4), net-snmp (5.8), and openssl (1.0.2q) versions, adds “extend” support to SNMP, and implements several other changes as highlighted in the Release Notes below.

To be clear about the supported devices, take into account that the developer has rolled out separate update packages targeted at ASUS’ RT-AC3100, RT-AC5300, RT-AC68 (U, UF, W, R, P), RT-AC86U, RT-AC88U, and RT-AX88U routers.

As for the models that are not compatible with this firmware, the developer highlights that the RT-AC3200 and RT-AC87U models haven’t received an updated code from ASUS, while the RT-AC56U device is now on ASUS’ End of Life list.

With this in mind, if you own one of these wireless units and want to apply firmware 384.8.0, save and extract the appropriate package, connect the router and your computer via an Ethernet cable, and go to Advanced Settings > Administration > Firmware Upgrade.

Now, near the “New Firmware File” section, select “Choose File” button, browse and select the newly-extracted .trx file, hit “Upload,” and wait patiently as the upgrade is performed; the firmware will be first transferred to the router and afterward installed.

Even though it seems easy, bear in mind that interrupting this process in any way can lead to serious malfunctions and can even render the device unusable. Once finished, you will be prompted with an appropriate message on your monitor.

That said, download AsusWrt-Merlin Router Firmware 384.8.0 for your specific device, apply it, and check our website as often as possible to stay “updated one minute ago.”

Release Notes
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