The new release includes support for Epic Games Store

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Announcing the Epic Games Store
   Announcing the Epic Games Store

AMD has announced the availability of a new version of its Radeon Adrenalin Edition Graphics driver, namely the package, which implements support for the new Epic Games Store that is a direct rival for Valve’s Steam service and Google’s Play Store.

As a little heads-up, this newly-launched store promises to “easily connect the developers directly with the players, all this in a platform with great economics,” as Epic Games, the maker of the Unreal Engine gaming engine, has announced.

Compared to the previous 18.2.1 AMD Radeon release, the current update doesn’t bring any other changes; thus, version seems to be targeted only at users that intend to use Epic’s store. Still, all AMD systems will support this platform starting with the next Radeon graphics package.

Regarding compatibility, there are two downloadable files suitable for both desktop and notebook configurations running under one of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 10 OSes (only 64-bit architectures), as well as a Minimal Setup Utility targeted at the same platforms.

Therefore, remove any previous version present on your computer, save and run the appropriate package for your system, wait for all files required to be made available, and follow all instructions displayed on the screen for a complete upgrade.

With this in mind, if you consider applying this release, download AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition Graphics Driver, install it and perform a reboot once finished. Also, check back with us to stay “updated one minute ago.”

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