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IBM Security Trusteer Rapport icon Prevent online fraud committed by dangerous malware with the help of this streamlined and unobtrusive piece of software that is perfectly suited for banks and enterprises

It is a well-known fact by now that the Internet is not the safest place and more often than not, our privacy and overall protection is put in harm's way in a form or another.

Since large companies, enterprises and banks are no exceptions when it comes to informational attacks and possible data theft, security measures are needed without a doubt.

Makes sure your credentials stay private and untouched

Mostly designed to block and fend off financial fraud, here comes IBM Security Trusteer Rapport, an efficient and reliable application that helps you prevent malware and phishing attacks.

The application is not what you might expect at first glance, as after a short and uneventful setup process the software will seamlessly integrate itself into Internet Explorer's address bar. From there onwards, it examines Windows APIs and tries to intercept and block sensitive data that might be of harm to you.

In plain words, IBM Security Trusteer Rapport makes sure that your important credentials are kept out of the reach of third-party harm-doers by blocking malware installations and even removing existing installations of this sort.

Unobtrusive software that works without needing user inputs

You do not even have to fiddle with it, as it simply stays undercover and permanently scans and examines possible threats, without ever standing out too much. Despite the fact that it doesn't come with an interface per se, it does feature a Dashboard.

Within its Dashboard, you can customize IBM Security Trusteer Rapport's behavior and the way it interacts with your system.

You can also get an accurate view of the app's activity to keep you safe thanks to its weekly reports that count the number of blocked screen captures, certificate mismatches and blocked IP addresses.

Recommended for online banking, keeps you protected from data-stealing malware

With more and more data-stealing malware, the hijacking of Windows APIs is nothing new these days, therefore an app like IBM Security Trusteer Rapport makes sense now, more than ever.

Whether we are talking about individuals who have to deal a lot with online banking or companies and banks where most financial transfers are performed via computers, this app is definitely worth having around.

The best thing about it is that it only requires a short installation and it works straight-out-of-the-box and without being obtrusive in any way. One final note, do make sure that you setup the application to 'Run as Administrator', so you won't encounter unpleasant surprises.

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IBM Security Trusteer Rapport was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
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