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DNSCrypt Proxy icon Make sure your DNS traffic is encrypted, while the outgoing one is being authenticated based on the cryptographic signatures via this tool

DNSCrypt Proxy is a command line utility designed to help you bridge applications that rely on regular DNS with encrypted DNSCrypt and DoH servers. In other words, the tool acts as a protocol that facilitates communications between the DNS client and the resolver, while preventing spoofing at the same time.

From a broad perspective, DNS refers to a globally distributed database that maps names to values and hence, it is necessary for all applications that need to communicate over the Internet. What the tool does is verify the cryptographic signatures that send back the responses from the selected DNS server and ensures that they have not been tampered with.

The app can share the same port as the regular DNS, although the developer recommends that you use port 443 for this purpose because port 53 can be used by the router. Once implemented the tool keeps track of all the incoming and outgoing traffic that is not only authenticated but also encrypted.

It is worth mentioning that the tool can be quite efficient if you want to have complete control over your online behavior. As the developers point out, you can use the tool to create a HOST file that includes addresses for specific names. Alternatively, it can resolve and return the IP address of other names. The feature can be useful for anyone who wants to enforce safe search results on the major search engines.

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DNSCrypt Proxy 2.0.17

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